What It Takes to Get a JOB OFFER!

Oct 12, 2020
Looking for a job?
Wondering why you’re not having any success?
A question: What do you really know about how people actually find jobs in the year 2020?
Job searches are like politics: everybody’s got an opinion.
Be careful whose opinions you listen to!
You want CURRENT advice, that’s working NOW to help people get JOB OFFERS.
So, really, you want DATA ABOUT WHAT WORKS in job searches, not just opinions.
Where can you go for this?
I just tried Google. “Data about how people get jobs now” gets me over 6 TRILLION results.
Or, you might ask me. I’ve been helping young adults get jobs for over a decade. They’ve all succeeded. Here’s a video of some of them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=go9m6WQqn7k&t=15s
Why me?
1. Because I’ve been successful in helping lots of young adults get job offers recently.
2. Because I have, myself, interviewed hundreds of people who are looking for work, and I’ve seen all the mistakes.
3. And because I’ve been offered a lot of jobs myself, in the days before I formed my company.
4. Because I’m not judgmental, and am only interested in your success.
5. Because I’m a Harvard MBA and I know business. I can help you think like the businessperson who can hire you.
6. And because I’ve put together a 10-class video course to explain every aspect of a job search, from resumes, to understanding job descriptions, to writing compelling communication, to acing job interviews, in person or on Zoom.
Get the course at www.HackYourJobSearch.com. It’s a $97 investment in your own success!

Hack Your Job Search is a 10-video series that will teach you an updated approach to every aspect of a job search for only a $97 investment.

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