Sanity During a Job Search

Sep 24, 2020
A study conducted in England in late 2019 showed that the average millennial (born 1980-1999) has already worked as many jobs as most people in their 50s have over the course of their entire career!
The survey, by Open Study College, showed that the once-popular idea of having a single job for life is dead. Survey respondents between 25 and 34 have already worked an average of 6 different jobs, while the average adult approaching retirement has worked 7 jobs in their entire life!
So “employment stability” isn’t what it once was.
But notice, too, that 47% of millennials have completely changed their career choice since getting their first job. They report doing so to pursue better pay, better work-life balance, or simply a desire to attempt a new challenge.
THAT is good news. There are many people looking for work right now … and hoping to find a job that is a better fit, that’s well-paid, and that offers a path to an even-better future.
Don’t be afraid to join them. Never let fear stop you from seeking a happier life. Instead, take these actions:
• Get smart about what’s working in job searches now, and discipline yourself to let go of old-school advice.
• Then give yourself a pep talk. You have a lot to bring to a new employer, not least of which is your desire to make things better. You’re motivated and energetic.
• And then talk to employers about their vision for their business, and share with them how you might help them make that vision a reality!

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