What’s the difference between a successful job-seeker and an unsuccessful one?

Oct 08, 2020

The difference is a JOB OFFER.

Too many people, when they are asked, SAY they’re looking for work … but they are not actually looking for work, and have no job offers to show for their efforts.


Is it the pandemic? General malaise? Frustration? Fear? Laziness?

Part of the problem is technology. Indeed, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn and similar sites make it easy to fire off resumes. The problem is that millions of people do exactly that – they hit “Send” over and over and think the barrage of resumes they’re launching constitutes a job search. 

Here’s the truth: according to Glassdoor, each corporate job attracts 250 resumes on average, and, of those, only 4 to 6 people get called for an interview. Only one will get the job.

Here’s another question: if you were the company that’s doing the hiring, would you spend the time to send off polite thank you notes to all those applicants?

I didn’t think so.

So your odds of success with online efforts alone aren’t great, and your chance of never hearing a word after you apply are high. And all that can lead to frustration.

It’s a consensus, though, that more than half – perhaps as many as 60% -- of jobs are found through networking. I think that’s likely to be lower now than pre-pandemic, but the statistic does suggest that a lot of hiring happens through some means other than receipt of an emailed resume.

How can you take advantage of that?

Is everyone you know aware that you’re looking for work, and the type of work you’re seeking? Do your LinkedIn connections know that? (Do you even HAVE LinkedIn connections? Nearly all employers say they check applicants out on LI. You need a strong profile there!)

Have you asked your Facebook friends and Instagram buddies to let you know of any opportunities they become aware of – and do you thank them for each and every idea they share?

YES, letting people know about your search carries a degree of risk – you’re exposed as someone who’s looking for work. Someone who’s asking for help. Many people don’t like putting themselves in such a position. These people often lack JOB OFFERS!

Are you awake and aware of job opportunities that come up in your home area, with local businesses? 

And do you know that, if you want to make a favorable impression on a company, the very best way to do that is to buy some of what they’re selling? Then you can speak to them as that most valuable of persons – a customer!


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