Looking for a Job? Maybe you'll relate to this...

Sep 23, 2020
The job-seeker’s pain was obvious.
“Holding onto the passion and excitement of knowing who I am and what I have to offer has become challenging. Doubt, a seemingly relentless and uncomfortable foe, is working its way in.”
What action can you take? Consider this question: What can you do to be reminded of who you are?
Will it help to go through any awards you may have won, any favorable press you may have received? Would reading your resume over remind you of what you've already done, and done well? Can you reconnect with old friends with whom you have a history, who can remind you of who you have always been?
Is the problem a tendency to be negative? Put a rubber band around your wrist, and every time you catch yourself thinking a negative thought, snap yourself with the rubber band and say to yourself, “I’m not going to think about that now!”
Or are you just moving too fast, and responding to too many stimuli? Try the “Off” button on your phone. Look away from all screens. Get outside and walk. Be sure to be nice to the animals and people you meet along the way.
Is lack of focus the problem? Tell yourself you’ll focus on ONLY ONE THING for the next 30 minutes – and do that. Set a timer if you must, and go to the bathroom before the time begins. Prove to yourself that you can stay with an idea or an exercise or a communication for an entire half-hour. The best reassurance is actually demonstrating -- even if only to yourself -- your competence.

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