It's time to get a JOB!

This new video series will help you walk through every step of the process of finding a new job. 

Most importantly, it will teach you the ONE THING that will make you stand out from all the other applicants.

Learn what the ONE THING is in the first video, available for FREE, for a limited time. 

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10 videos that teach you an updated approach to every aspect of a JOB SEARCH.


Get up-to-date advice from a Harvard MBA who has hired dozens … and been hired by some of the most successful organizations in the world.  Here’s her bio:


Things you might be wondering...

$97.  There is no monthly fee and so no need to cancel or worry about any additional or recurring charges.  

Money Back Guarantee:  if you watch the videos and can honestly say you didn’t learn anything useful, your money will be cheerfully refunded!

This video series is structured as a daily class.  When you sign up, you will create a username and password to be able to login to see your content.  Each day, a new content video will be released to you, along with a video of a homework assignment.  This is designed so you can optimize your learning and retention of the material and help you put the principles into practice!  There are 9 days of videos and homework, with an additional bonus video.  The longest video is 35 minutes, so there is a fairly minimal time investment in the videos themselves.

There is no catch and I am NOT trying to take advantage of you. This time of Covid has been very difficult for everyone, and with my expertise and experience in helping people of all ages and backgrounds find jobs, I wanted to find a way to help people on a larger scale!

Here's What You Will Get:

Unique, World-Class Advice

Videos are by world-renowned executive coach, sales trainer, author, and Harvard MBA Lenann Gardner, who has been on both sides of the desk, as both job applicant and interviewer.  

Daily Videos

Receive daily videos (each on a different subject) that will help you develop a framework for your job search.

Daily Homework

Building off of the day's video, you'll also be given a homework assignment that will help you internalize the information you learned and support you putting it into practice.

Learn How To Adjust Your ATTITUDE

This is the ONE THING that you need to learn that may be hindering your ability to get that job you really, really want.

Learn How To LISTEN

This may sound simple, but how well are you actually listening?  Learn some tips to listen better and more importantly, have your interviewer feel heard.

Learn How To SELL Yourself

Learn some sales techniques that will help put you in a better position for getting that job offer.


Each day's video is on a different topic INTEGRAL to job searching and actually GETTING that dream job.  

Get the First Video ABSOLUTELY FREE

Learn the ONE THING most important to getting that job offer IN THIS FREE VIDEO.

There is no catch! We hope you'll buy the rest of the series once you see how valuable the content is!


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