Having the right job can play a big role in your happiness.


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Hack Your Job Search is a 10-lesson e-course to support you in improving your resume, acing your interviews, and getting the JOB OFFER that will move your career forward!



What are the 10 Biggest Job Search Mistakes? 

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RIGHT NOW, more than 11 MILLION Americans are unemployed. 
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There are jobs available.  Good jobs.

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Here's what some young professionals have to say about working with Lenann McGookey Gardner:


“I can not tell you how grateful I am after working with you.  Thank God for your existence!  Muchas gracias my friend for all the learning, valuable lessons shared, and your continued professional support!"

 -- Kelly Rodriguez, Bogotá, Colombia

“I’d been missing the mark in interviews previously, and I wanted to know why.  After taking the Hack Your Job Search course, after each interview I had a much more positive feeling.  I’ve now joined a good company that has products that really make a difference, and people who are passionate about what they do!”

 -- Justin Clatworthy, London, U.K. 

Meet Lenann Gardner

Lenann Gardner is the creator of

  •         YouCanSell.com, which is a guide to updated Selling Skills and how you can apply them to get more business
  •         YouCanLeadCoaching.com, helping executives improve their performance through  coaching
  •         ACoachForYourKid.com, which is one-on-one coaching for job seekers, and
  •         HackYourJobSearch.com, which offers a $97 10-day e-course to get you JOB OFFERS 

Lenann is a Harvard MBA who has launched successful brands, hired dozens of people, and helped hundreds of people grow their careers. 

She can help you.

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